Sake Kit Kat – Is It Any Good?

Sake kit kat has been all the rage lately. But what is sake kit kat, and is it any good? Sake kit kat is a Japanese candy that combines sake-flavored chocolate with the classic wafer biscuit. It was created in 2014 by Nestle Japan and has been a huge hit ever since. Some people love it, others hate it – but everyone seems to have an opinion about sake kit kat! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at sake kit kat and see what all the fuss is about.

What Is Sake Kit Kat?

Sake kit-kat first hit store shelves in Japan in 2014. The candy was created by Nestlé Japan, and it quickly became a huge hit. Since then, sake kit kat has been exported to other countries and is now available in over 20 different markets around the world.

How Are Sake Kit Kats Made?

Sake kit kats are made by combining sake-flavored chocolate with the classic wafer biscuit. The chocolate is made with real sake, which gives it its unique flavor.

What Do People Think Of Sake Kit Kats?

As we mentioned earlier, everyone seems to have an opinion about sake kit kat! Some people love the taste of sake-flavored white chocolate, while others find it too strong. There are also some people who don’t like sake kit kats because they think it’s too sweet.

sake kit kat

Is There Alcohol In Sake Kit Kat?

Yes, there is alcohol in sake kit kat. However, the amount of alcohol is very small – less than 0.08%, to be exact. This means that sake kit kat is not suitable for children or pregnant women.

What Are The Different Flavors?

There are several different flavors of sake kit kats including ume sake kit kat and yuzu sake kit kat. The most popular flavor is original, which is made with sake-flavored white chocolate and the classic wafer biscuit.

Where Can I Buy Sake Kit Kats?

Sake kit kats are available in many countries around the world. In the United States, they can be purchased online or at select retailers.

Other Popular Japanese Kit Kats

Sake flavored kit kat is just one of many popular Japanese Kit Kats. Other popular flavors include matcha, strawberry cheesecake, and sake.


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